Life on Mission

Our Mission Team encompasses the physical and spiritual needs of the church. They develop and manage programs , respond to benevolent needs within the church and community, work closely with our local Community Needs Agency, and plan missions trips locally and internationally.

The missions and missionaries that we support are listed below with their contact information. A printed booklet is also available in the church office or you can download one here.

Our Mission Spotlight

The Missions Spotlight is on the Love in Action Food Pantry for the month of November.

The Love in Action Food Pantry is an outreach of the Chillicothe Assembly of God Church. The pantry has been in existence since 1984 and has assisted over 100,000 families in need. The food pantry serves an average of 85-100 people a week. Finances and food donations are supplied by local churches, businesses and individuals. 

Click here for a complete list of needs !

Coming up next are CCC Christmas Activities and Christmas Cards for Missionaries.

Thank you for making missions a part of your everyday life!

What is the Blessing Box? 

It is a small deck box that will be located in the foyer to collect donations for particular missions or missionaries. Every 2-4 weeks we will spotlight a different mission or missionary that we serve. You will be able to find current information about who we are spotlighting here. (Just scroll down)

Any items we are collecting for the mission or missionary can be placed in this box. There is also a secure box inside to place cash/gift cards. 

We are not asking you to give to EACH mission/missionary request but you are certainly welcome to do so, if you want to. First and foremost, please include them in your prayers. Materials and addresses will also be available for you to write them a note of encouragement. Items in need will be communicated to you. 

Not everyone can pack up all of their belongings and become career missionaries, and not everyone can go on short-term mission trips. But ALL of us can support missions in one way or another. It's so important to do this! Because whether you go on a mission trip to another country or support missions from right where you live, you'll find that you will expand the kingdom of Jesus by doing so. 

Click on the group title or picture to go to their website.

  • Lowell and Sherry Glick seek to share the Gospel in 50 communities in the remote areas and villages surrounding Zacatecas, Mexico. 

  • Ashley and Jonathan Hentrich established a Christian church in one of the most unevangelized areas in the USA- Albany, NY in 2013.

  • The Crossword Cafe/Chillicothe Youth Center was founded in 2001 to build positive relationships with students in grades 6-12 through mentoring, tutoring, teaching, discussion groups and just hanging out.

  • Paul and Callie Tanner serve with the camping ministry at Great Oaks Camp. This camp serves the urban youth of Peoria, IL by providing a safe atmosphere to demonstrate the love of God to children surrounds by drugs, gangs and domestic violence in their everyday lives. 

  • Harvest Prayer Ministries exists to equip the local church to become a House of Prayer for all nations. Dave and Kim Butts work to transform lives through teaching prayer, consulting, developing resources, discipling, encouraging and partnering with churches. 

  • Little Galilee conducts camps, conferences, and rallies to the end that persons not yet Christian may be won to Christ and His Church as it is set forth in the new Testament, and that all Christian people of all ages may be build up in the Christian faith and life.

  • The Love in Action Food Pantry is an outreach of the Chillicothe Assembly of God God church. The pantry has been in existence since 1984 and assisted over 100,000 families in need.

  • Ryan and Sarah Harty serve with the Pioneer Bible Translators to help bridge the gap between the church and the Bibleless people around the world.

  • Small World Connections is committed to serving ministries all around the world by building strong relationships, then doing what we can to connect the body of Christ in order to help those missionaries succeed.

  • The South Side Mission in Peoria, IL, exists to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the poor, and in His name to love, feed, house, clothe and teach all those people.

  • Stadia plants churches that intentionally care for children. Valuing children is not optional for anyone who follows Jesus. The U.S. has millions of people who have no connection to a local church. These are people for whom God cares deeply for.

  • VisionTrust International is a growing group of people with a passion to love the neediest children around the world. Ashley Hentrich's role is to partner with churches to help them inspire their communities to invest in a VisionTrust project that support the children.

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. 

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." 

Matthew 28:19-20 NIV