Serve YOUR Church!

Do you know where you want to serve?

Please email any of the team leaders for more information to begin volunteering.

When you volunteer to serve at CCC you are part of a team. 

  • Caring Ministry

    The Caring Ministry at CCC takes meals to anyone who has been in the hospital or is ill at home to help them out and let them know we care. If you or someone you know needs a meal, contact Arletta Gaskins or our Associate Pastor, Ethan Paulsen.

    Click here if you are willing to make a fresh meal for the Caring Ministrty.

  • Children's Ministry

    The Children's Ministry Team provides Christian curriculum designed specifically for our children ages newborn through 5th grade. If you would like to serve in the nursery or teach a child's class or participant in the children's ministry in another way please contact Rita Waller, Children's Ministry Team Leader.

    Contact Rita Waller, Children's Ministry Team Leader

  • Connections

    The Connections team's responsibility is to give guests the best opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with Jesus by intentionally providing next steps to move them into membership and ministry. 

    Contact Ethan Paulsen, Associate Pastor

  • Finance Team

    The CCC Finance Team is responsible for stewardship of the church's monetary resources and is charged to insure the integrity of CCC financial management. The intent is to assemble and propose an annual budget that support the mission, vision, and values of CCC, secure approval of the proposed budget by the Leader Team, and manage the budget.

    Contact Tyson Richards, Finance Team Leader

  • Hospitality Team

    There are many opportunities to serve on the Hospitality Team and you don't have to know how to cook.  The Hospitality team serves food and drinks at church events and working behind the scenes in many other ways. They also host a Seder meal as a learning event.

    Contact Nicole Brockett or Kara Harness, Hospitality Team Leaders.

  • Men's Ministry

    The focus of the Men's Ministry team is on personal spiritual maturity, ultimately growing men who model authentic Godly manhood to their wives, children, church, and other spheres of influence. They also offer encouragement, accountability, and prayer for the men of CCC.

    Contact J. Drake, Men's Ministry Team Leader.

  • Missions Team

    The CCC Missions Team encompass both the physical and spiritual needs of the church i.e. evangelizing, disciplining, planting churches and aiding in the growth. They develop and manage programs for the mission's budget, respond to benevolent needs, administer funds allocated to missions/benevolence.

    Contact Diane Wier, Missions Team Leader. 

  • Property Team

    The CCC Property Team is responsible to insure the CCC facilities conform to aesthetic and functional expectations characterized by our vision, values, and mission. 

    Contact Travis Richards, Property Team Leader.

  • Student Ministry

    The Student Ministry Team is responsible for the spiritual teaching and social growth of students from junior high through high school. This includes all formal and informal youth events apart from the Sunday morning bible school.

    Contact Rita Waller, Children's Ministry Team Leader.

  • Women's Ministry

    The Women's Ministry team is here to help Christian women grow toward spiritual maturity by providing programs and activities that encourage growth in Christlikeness, develop positive and lasting woman-to-woman relationships, and encourage development and use of their gifts in service to others. 

    Contact Sue Hollon, Women's Ministry Team Leader

  • Worship Team

    Our worship team provides relevant and inspiration corporate worship services on Sunday mornings which includes vocal, instrumental, dramatic, organizational and personal aspects of the corporate worship experience. 

    Contact Kelly Fenoglia, Worship Team Leader.

Serve with our Missions Team!

Our Missions Team works closely with Small World Connections and the Community Needs Agency to help those in need locally and internationally. Contact them for an opportunity to serve! 

Learn more about our Missions Team here.