Ministry Teams are the groups that make Sunday mornings happen. We have teams that welcome people to church, sing or play an instrument, teach children, rock a baby in the nursery and much more!

God has blessed every believer with Spiritual Gifts. If you're not sure what they are, click here to download a Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire.

  • Chillicothe Student Ministry (CSM)

    CSM (6th-12th Grades) embraces the Orange strategy and desire to empower families for discipleship in the home and to connect students to consistent leaders who invest in their lives. Our greatest need is for people who are committed to investing in a young person's life by being a small group leader. We also need help in the area of food preparation, worship, and event chaperones.

    Contact Zac Blank, Connections Pastor.

  • Connections Team

    The CCC Connections Team's responsibility is to give guests the best possible opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with Jesus by intentionally providing next steps to move them into membership and ministry.

    Contact Zac Blank, Connections Pastor.

  • Worship Team

    The CCC Worship Ministry Team is responsible for providing relevant inspirational corporate worship services at CCC consistent with the mission, values, and vision of Chillicothe Christian Church. The worship team oversees all vocal, instrumental, dramatic, and organizational aspects of our worship services. 

    Contact London Drake, Worship Team Leader.

  • Property Team

    The CCC Property Team is responsible for ensuring the CCC facilities conform to the aesthetic and functional expectations characterized by our vision, values, and mission. The team focuses on two primary areas : maintenance projects and new initiatives. Maintenance projects are defined as items to repair or renew existing facilities. New initiatives are defined as improvements to enhance, expand, or otherwise launch new facility capability.

    Contact Doug Nelson, Property Team Leader.

  • Missions Team

    The Missions Team is responsible for any endeavor outside our local congregation to fulfill the CCC Mission and Vision, including physical and spiritual needs. The Missions Team responds to benevolent needs and administers funds allocated to missions/benevolence while also seeking to educate, encourage, and engage the congregation in local and global missions.

    Contact Emily Richards, Missions Team Leader. 

  • Kingdom Kids

    Kingdom Kids Ministry is looking for volunteer workers who are committed to investing in the life of a child and who embrace the Orange strategy to equip families for discipleship in the home. We have various needs in our ministry - teachers, teachers aids, nursery, print, audio/visual, large group storyteller, large group set up, welcome center attendant. If you would like to serve in the nursery or teach a child's class or participate in the children's ministry in any way contact Andrea Mercier, CCC Family Ministry Director or click here.

  • Caring Ministry

    The Caring Ministry takes meals to anyone who has been in the hospital or is ill at home to help them out and let them know we care. If you or someone you know needs a meal, or if able to cook a meal, click here to email the office.

  • Women's Ministry

    The responsibility of the Women's Ministry Team is to help Christian women grow toward spiritual maturity by providing programs and activities that encourage growth in Christlikeness, develop positive and lasting woman-to-woman relationships, and encourage development and use of their gifts in service to others.

    Contact Pat Wehage, Women's Ministry Team Leader

  • Hospitality Team

    The responsibility of the Hospitality Team is to provide an inviting and pleasurable ambiance to specific events, meetings, and classes. We organize and produce events such as Seder, Thanksgiving, and volunteer food for A Night in Bethlehem. We make sure kitchen supplies are stocked and that the food safety regulations are followed.  Click here to email the office.

  • Finance Team

    The Finance Team regularly focuses on CCC's mission: "To lead people to Christ and grow together in Christlikeness." Money is a tool that the finance team stewards with the desire to have the greatest impact on the people we serve. Please consider the finance team as we help connect God's heart to the Chillicothe Community.

    Contact Tyson Richards, Finance Team Leader

  • Security Team

    The CCC Security Team is responsible for providing security and protection against known and unknown threats to the church congregation and staff during services, work hours, events, and gatherings.

    Contact Jim Lutes, Security Team Leader

Serve with our Missions Team!

Our Missions Team works closely with Small World Connections and the Community Needs Agency to help those in need locally and internationally. 

Contact them for an opportunity to serve!