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Paul Tanner    January 26, 2020



  • I.                    Intro
  • a.       The signs
  • b.      Read John 2:1-12

  • II.                  Three themes of Jesus’ first sign
  • a.       Jesus’ Time
  •                                                                i.      John 2:4-5
  • 1.       Not a rebuke
  • a.       Maybe establish new boundaries
  • b.      Translates much harsher than it should
  • 2.       Jesus has a purpose and is headed toward that purpose
  • b.      Jesus’ Supremacy
  •                                                                i.      John 2:6 Six stone jars
  •                                                              ii.      John 2:10 Bringing new over the old
  •                                                             iii.      John 2:13 and following
  • c.       Jesus’ Provision
  •                                                                i.      The six stone jars are filled to the brim…most scholars agree that this would have been a huge monetary boon to the couple whose family couldn’t afford enough wine
  •                                                              ii.      The six stone jars are completed in a seventh vessel – Jesus on the night before his death uses wine to signify his blood,  giving as a sacrifice for our sin

  • III.                The servants
  • a.       John 2:7-8 (record skip)…..I have questions!!!
  • b.      This is what it means to follow Jesus
  •                                                                i.      Jesus takes our ordinary and makes it extraordinary
  •                                                              ii.      How we respond when Jesus speaks to our hearts expands or limits how God uses our lives
  • 1.       Jesus promised he would be with his followers, but he never promised them health, wealth, or safety
  • 2.       When we complete one journey, God is always calling us further and deeper
  • a.       Sometimes we get stuck, we don’t move forward, or maybe even move backwards

  • IV.                Let us close in a type of prayer meditation moment:
  • a.       God, I am opening up my heart and my spiritual ears to what you would say to me this morning….God I feel distant, I need to feel your touch, I need to feel you near me again….God, I feel like I need a reset, I need to start fresh and new, and I need to know your grace and love….God, I hurt right now, I  don’t understand why life is the way it is, I need your comfort….
  • b.      Where in my life do I need conviction…God point me to the areas of my life that I hold back in and don’t follow with all of my heart…God where are you calling me to follow you in obedience, who are you calling me to show your love to, and to share my life with so that they might know You…God how are you growing my faith, show me how I can walk deeper in trust and obedience…

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