Special Events

Listed below are the special events coming up soon!

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  • Baptism Class for ALL ages, Sept. 24,  9 & 10:30am

    This class will teach you the who, what, why and how about baptism. It's geared toward kids ages 6 and up and adults! If you have any questions about baptism or becoming a CCC member then this class is for you! Click here to sign up!

  • Small Groups Start the week of September 24

    Small groups are a chance to get connected to the people around you. The Bible is very clear that we are never meant to be alone. They are a practical way to spend time building one another up and learning more about God's word and the Christian life. View our group catalog and when you've decided on a group click here to sign up!

  • Women's Retreat at Great Oaks Camp, September 29-30

    Ladies, join us for "Cafe Chocolate" at Great Oaks Camp, September 29-30. It's a retreat where we'll focus on God's grace with a bit of chocolate sprinkled on top. The cost is only $35 payable to Great Oaks Camp. (Sue or Char will collect the checks). Please sign up at the Welcome Center.

  • Glenn Kaiser Free Concert, Oct 7, 4pm

    Enjoy a night of acoustic worship with former Resurrection Band lead singer, Glenn Kaiser, brought to you by Small World Connections and OnePuzzle Festival. Glenn is currently the leader of Glenn Kaiser Band and a member of Jesus People USA in Chicago, which organized Cornerstone Festival from 1984-2012.

  • International Conference on Missions, November 16-19

    Our missions team has paid for EVERY MEMBER who would like to go to be able to attend for FREE! More information coming soon! When you're ready to register click here and use promo code "peoria17".